Absolutely Pathetic

Yesterday, while looking at my unmowed garden, I decided to do some research into best practices for 'being a writer'. The one piece of advice that seemed to be a recurring favourite was, 'it doesn't matter what you write, just write something (for at least seven minutes) EVERY day. After doing this research, I went to the fridge and saw some chocolate buttons that I had purchased the previous day for the purpose of making chocolate-chip cookies. 'Ooooh', I thought, 'I'll make some cookies today!'.

In essence, in the time it took me to walk three metres to the fridge, I had already been distracted from my new writing regime. No! No! Forget the fucking cookies! Write something! Christ!

Distractions are not my only issue (although they are possibly my main issue). Consistency in self-motivation is not one of my skills and I'm not famous for my time management either. However, once I start something and find a flow, my chances of success or, at least, consistency increases by about 98%. Later that afternoon, after reading, nay, scanning my Facebook timeline for at least 20 times in between other mundane Mac-based tasks, I was playing my guitar while thinking what I should write about for that day's seven-minute session.

After tea, we watched some episodes of 'The Walking Dead'. While doing this, I was thinking how much it had gone downhill since Andrew Lincoln left and that I was wasting valuable writing time sat watching T.V.

My mate Jo rang at about 10 pm and I explained my issues with starting writing. She said that even if I wrote about doing nothing, it is still writing.

This is my story about writing nothing yesterday. Jo was right. My 'nothing' story has given me a starting point today. I may not have written anything yesterday but our lawn looks amazing and I made some awesome cookies!


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